Tommy Tucker Recognition Day

It’s about time that we have a sensible man finally stand up to the vileness that is public participation, saying quite simply, “I AM THE SENATOR. YOU ARE THE CITIZEN. YOU NEED TO BE QUIET.” As a blog writer and reader I can personally attest to the sheer barbaric revelry some of our so called citizens participate in when commenting on the internet. People like Jay, a poster at who mock Tommy Tucker with his own heroic words by creating these pictures:

I for one stand with the great State Senator Tucker, saying forcefully and loudly that you citizens need to quiet down. Stop commenting on blogs, articles, reddit, etc. Stop making a mockery of the legislative process. We are a nation of laws, laws that you should fear because as they say, “anything can and will be used against you in a court of law.” So to honor the great philosopher of North Carolina, I declare today Tommy Tucker Recognition Day. Commenting will be closed on this post in his honor.

Know your league.

There was a lot of media attention the last few days of the campaign on one concept. The expanded map. Well as Fox News watchers learned, it was all bullshit. It wasn’t a bad idea, it was a risky idea, but it was a month late. However know your league gentlemen. If you are a lower income guy, a few extra pounds, don’t dance great, and don’t have an impecable sense of style, are you going to go after a supermodel in a club? Probably not, but if you do, you’ll know Romney’s disappointment.

Why? Because I live in California, and they were actually playing attack ads on Obama out here. Seriously. If you’re a Republican, a presidential vote in California is like going after Megan Fox in a posh nightclub and you’re wearing sweatpants and a Dorritos t-shirt. You could have spent that money in Florida, Virginia, and Ohio. Instead you throw away money which judging by your governance is what you are used to. This is what happens when your party leadership lie so much, they convince themselves.

How dare you…

Seriously, the popular vote is now separated by 3 million votes in the Incumbent’s favor and people are still blabbering about the Libertarian vote. As Ken at the Popehat said it, “snort my taint.

The Republicans always like to say Democrats have this sense of entitlement. They want handouts etc. You’ve got to be kidding me right? Talk about entitlement. You are entitled to the Libertarian vote because they are fiscal conservatives? Show me a Republican president who actually balanced the budget and I’ll believe that. You know what Gary Johnson did in New Mexico? He left them with a billion dollar surplus.

Lets clear the air here. Democrats love social programs and often times don’t think ahead on how they’ll fund them. Republicans love talking about reducing the size of government (just not the military) and yet their last president created new departments instead of reducing them. Democrats will never pass proper IP/Patent/Copyright reform, because they are slaves to those industries. The Republicans will never genuinely talk about climate change because they are in Oil/Coal’s pockets. Great choices right?

However here is my biggest problem with the Republicans. They are anti Gay Marriage. They say that my marriage is so fragile, that if gay people marry, it’ll be destroyed. I’d like to think that the love I share with my wife is strong enough to handle other adults becoming wed. I mean It’s not some straight people scorecard right? Your church doesn’t have to marry gay people if it doesn’t wish to, so I don’t get a religious argument. It comes down to this order for me to vote for you:

  1. You share my social, fiscal, and foreign policy view. (Libertarians usually)
  2. You share my social and either fiscal or foreign policy view.
  3. You share my social view. (Democrats often)
  4. I get drunk and randomly color in dots on the ballot.

You see how my social view is my most important? Why? People matter. Human beings living out their lives as they choose. Money and financial stability are very important, but I’ve been broke and happy with my wife. I could have nothing left, but my family, and be a happy man. I am sure that could be said of a lot of homosexual couples too. People matter the most and until the GOP starts to look at the changing demographics, they won’t be able to even count on this Libertarian’s vote.