Ethos Water, charity for the lazy.

I bought an Ethos water in a rush to get to my geography course, I like to sip water while learning. Now I don’t spend $1.95 on a 23oz water bottle very often, but I rationalized it to myself because Starbucks donates money to get clean water to children in places where sewage and drinking water freely mingle. So at some point during class I read the side of the bottle and was surprised that out of the $1.95 I spent, only 1 nickel makes it way to the children. That’s a measly 2.6% for those of you who don’t want to do the math.

Ethos is bottled by Safeway under their Lucerne brand and distributed by Pepsi. Starbucks basically owns the brand name, which they bought in 2005. While this all boring news, I still thought to myself, couldn’t 3 profitable corporations who peddle their quite expensive charity water donate more than 2.6% of the purchase price?

Maybe they use really good water I said to myself. It turns our however, that they use the same spring water that I can get out of a Safeway brand water bottle for less than half the price and almost twice the volume. Then I thought, well since they are helping kids, maybe they care about the environment too. Maybe their recycled plastic cost more than regular plastic. Again I was disappointed. It turns out, unlike other Pepsi distributed plastic bottled waters, Ethos bottles are virgin plastic.

So let me summarize this all:

  • Ethos water is the same water as store brand.
  • Unlike other water that Pepsi distributes, it’s bottled in virgin plastic.
  • Only 2.6% of your $1.95 goes to the children.
  • You can buy twice as much of the same water for half the price.
  • I am a sucker and was ripped off by Starbucks.

So if you really want to help the children buy a Safeway water or really any store brand water and donate 50 cents each time to a charity of your choice. You’ll save money, get more money to the charities, drink the same water, and maybe even get a recycled plastic bottle in the process.

Craig Brittain does interviews, still lives at home.

Craig Brittain was interview by Bob Garield of “On The Media.” Amazingly he came off even less human than before, which is saying a lot for a guy that victimizes women by taking their pictures, putting them online with their email address or phone numbers, and then demands money from them to take them down. Lets take a look at Craig’s words…

The mainstream media is fueled, ratings-wise, by stories of murder, rape, violence, criminal activity and scandal. By comparison, our website is 100% objective – we post the pictures and the information as-is – we don’t speculate nor degrade nor do we shame anyone who is posted – nor do we make comments on the website – we allow the users to interpret things as they would. One of the reasons our website is so popular is that we do not tell you what to believe.

Craig lets the 10 degenerates who comment on his site any given day to interpret things like a naked woman and her phone number. They let you interpret women under the tag “Herps” which I mean, is totally up to your own interpretation right? He is such a nude revolutionist! He just wants people to be okay with their own and other people’s nude pictures all over the internet. Hell, he’s doing us a favor! He’s a Libertarian who just seeks lassiez-faire nudity right? Or is Craig just a do nothing, unimaginative, fucktard™, who still lives with his parents and can’t even monetize his pathetic porn site without resorting to extortion. Craig you are no a Libertarian, you are a borderline sociopath who is trying to hijack any label that might somehow justify you entitled perceptions to the world.

“Oh the economy is so bad, I have to trick girls into sending me their pics for my extortion porn site.” You live with your parents still, so how is that going for you? The bright lights of moral people are shining upon you, scurry like the cockroach you are. You are pathetic and you’re lucky my child or someone I know didn’t end up on your site. You are also the worse liar in the word, the internet remembers everything, including who was openly registered on domains before you got privacy registrations.

These are my opinions and mine alone. Craig if you want to handle this like men email me.

How dare you…

Seriously, the popular vote is now separated by 3 million votes in the Incumbent’s favor and people are still blabbering about the Libertarian vote. As Ken at the Popehat said it, “snort my taint.

The Republicans always like to say Democrats have this sense of entitlement. They want handouts etc. You’ve got to be kidding me right? Talk about entitlement. You are entitled to the Libertarian vote because they are fiscal conservatives? Show me a Republican president who actually balanced the budget and I’ll believe that. You know what Gary Johnson did in New Mexico? He left them with a billion dollar surplus.

Lets clear the air here. Democrats love social programs and often times don’t think ahead on how they’ll fund them. Republicans love talking about reducing the size of government (just not the military) and yet their last president created new departments instead of reducing them. Democrats will never pass proper IP/Patent/Copyright reform, because they are slaves to those industries. The Republicans will never genuinely talk about climate change because they are in Oil/Coal’s pockets. Great choices right?

However here is my biggest problem with the Republicans. They are anti Gay Marriage. They say that my marriage is so fragile, that if gay people marry, it’ll be destroyed. I’d like to think that the love I share with my wife is strong enough to handle other adults becoming wed. I mean It’s not some straight people scorecard right? Your church doesn’t have to marry gay people if it doesn’t wish to, so I don’t get a religious argument. It comes down to this order for me to vote for you:

  1. You share my social, fiscal, and foreign policy view. (Libertarians usually)
  2. You share my social and either fiscal or foreign policy view.
  3. You share my social view. (Democrats often)
  4. I get drunk and randomly color in dots on the ballot.

You see how my social view is my most important? Why? People matter. Human beings living out their lives as they choose. Money and financial stability are very important, but I’ve been broke and happy with my wife. I could have nothing left, but my family, and be a happy man. I am sure that could be said of a lot of homosexual couples too. People matter the most and until the GOP starts to look at the changing demographics, they won’t be able to even count on this Libertarian’s vote.