“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” – Voltaire

I am tired of watching from the sidelines. There are too many lies, half truths, spins, flip-flops, and factual errors. Good meaning people then repeat and reteach these lies. Our government can’t be trusted to tell it’s populace the cold hard facts. Dissent is quickly folded into the establishment and just as quickly silenced. Liberty is being lost and we are told it’s for safety. Apparently we’ve forgotten “Give me liberty or give me death.” People are dying across the globe for our freedom and our government is eroding our liberty further. No one wants to answer the hard questions. We are being increasingly made reliant on a government who should in fact be reliant on us.

It’s not just the government, we as a people are complacent in half-truths and white lies. We accept each others flaws too willingly, not out of compassion, but out of fear of being held ourselves to a higher standard. We must hold each other to a common standard of decency. Not some politicized decency, but decency of truth, consent, and expecting greater things of ourselves. Do not hold yourself back or enable a friend or loved one to do the same. Hold your head up high and speak the words of truth with steadfast confidence.

I will speak out against what I believe to be the failings of others to recognize basic truth in the face of mounting evidence. Words are our power, and we must use them to change America, one heart at a time.

Short Bio

Location:  Northern California

Hometown:  Houston, TX

Favorite Food:  Smoked salmon or sunny side up egg.

Favorite Book:  Tao of Pooh

Current Music:  C2C, Blake Shelton, Lucienne Boyer, Beastie Boys

Current Focus:  Modern civility, criminal justice reform, journalism, geoscience.

Political Party:  Libertarian

Heritage:  French/Italian