I am now a big budget movie director.

Not really, but how else am I supposed to get you to read my post without an interesting title? So this morning I decided to make a movie trailer in iMovie for the first time. It doesn’t go to any particular movie, it goes to an internet saga which I’ve been covering here and there. I have entitled it Revenge Porn 2 – The Revenge of Revenge Porn. Very catchy right? In it I give a brief view of why Craig Brittain is complete filth, and barring any major event, it should be my last post on this scumbag for some time.

I might go ahead and make an actual site to chronicle all of Brittain’s activities and the damning evidence we have on him, however I have other projects that need some work and he is hardly worth my exclusive attention. For now, I leave the subject thoroughly covered and hopefully you will share this story with others.

If revenge porn is something you are interested in stopping, I suggest you go to endrevengeporn.com and sign the petition. Remember that revenge porn isn’t a First Amendment right, it’s an immoral attempt to monetize other people’s images and victimizes the subjects.


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