Chance Trahan Is Socially Incompetent

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So Chance Trahan, a cohort of Craig Brittain’s is accusing people online of causing him to lose his job. Unfortunately for him the person who decided not to retain his service dropped a sledgehammer on that argument. “He asked to help and after a few emails we realized he was incompetent. Socially as well.” That stings. The acting irrationally part doesn’t really jump out on the highlight reel as a bright spot either. What scum bags need to realize is that whenever they blindly make baseless accusations, good people have a way of uncovering the truth. Often the truth happens to be embarrassing to the villain, happily so in my mind.

Censors aren’t always the people in power, time and time again small people try to quiet others through any means possible. Brittain and Trahan are no different as they displayed recently in the comment section of an article about them. A moderator cleaned it up some, but if you look at the link filled posts of the two schmucks imagine about a hundred more attempting to drown out all conversation. It’s also quite ironic that people who claim to want free and open expression are very much against anyone’s opinion being voiced about them. Of course maybe chastising someone for publishing unwilling victim’s nude pictures is somehow worse than publishing unwilling victim’s nude pictures in Mr. Trahan’s world.

Wether Trahan was a full contributor or minor player in the formation of Craig Brittain’s endeavors, he now sits squarely in his master’s yard. Loyalty is an admirable quality in a dog, however a person must first ask is his loyalty being misused? I do not fault the dog who protects his master with his teeth, if that is what Mr. Trahan wishes to be then as a dog I would not fault him. Men stand up for what is right and against what is wrong, they do not follow blindly but with the full truth of their actions. As a man then, I must despise Mr. Trahan, because the full truth of his support is a disgusting affirmation of Mr. Brittain’s cowardly venture.



4 Comments on “Chance Trahan Is Socially Incompetent”

  1. And as someone who cannot fathom why people don’t want it, he will never get a job like that. Instead of asking why they didn’t want to hire him and figuring out that saying f**k in every sentence or working on his English, he’ll cry that it’s a conspiracy.

    (BTW, when does your big porn payment come? Think they’ll pay in pound sterling?)

  2. cjrec says:

    It’s lack of logical follow through that hinders their ability to form truthful or even remotely socially acceptable opinions. As for my payment, I had request for a 24K gold life sized statue of Betty White, however they said the copyright issues with her likeness were too difficult to navigate. I opted instead for a wooden treasure chest filled with blood diamonds and fine meats and cheeses, though now I regret that decision as the chest now smells like preserved pork.

  3. […] Will he actually go through with the threat? Will he go the Class Action route (as he threatened in the past…sorry, can’t find the link to that threat), or will he file a lawsuit that also names the other people being mean to him (namely Popehat, Randazza, Captain Obvious, Chris)? […]

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