American Oligarchy.

How do you steal millions if not billions of dollars and not go to jail? Be rich beforehand. When confronted with the truth the Justice Department responded less maturely than I’d expect a federal agency to. I am going to let the article speak for itself. This isn’t about political parties or race, this is specifically about entrenched forces in American society that are not held responsible for their crimes by an administration that had promised to do so. Though with all the promises that have been broken, including reforming the Patriot Act, I am not surprised in the least.


I am now a big budget movie director.

Not really, but how else am I supposed to get you to read my post without an interesting title? So this morning I decided to make a movie trailer in iMovie for the first time. It doesn’t go to any particular movie, it goes to an internet saga which I’ve been covering here and there. I have entitled it Revenge Porn 2 – The Revenge of Revenge Porn. Very catchy right? In it I give a brief view of why Craig Brittain is complete filth, and barring any major event, it should be my last post on this scumbag for some time.

I might go ahead and make an actual site to chronicle all of Brittain’s activities and the damning evidence we have on him, however I have other projects that need some work and he is hardly worth my exclusive attention. For now, I leave the subject thoroughly covered and hopefully you will share this story with others.

If revenge porn is something you are interested in stopping, I suggest you go to and sign the petition. Remember that revenge porn isn’t a First Amendment right, it’s an immoral attempt to monetize other people’s images and victimizes the subjects.

In which Craig Brittain isn’t racist and went to Stanford.

Adam Steinbaugh uncovered this post below by Craig Brittain in which he claims he went to Stanford and graduated with “Latin Honors.” Luckily for Brittain lying in the comment section of YouTube isn’t illegal, but making up blatant bullshit is probably still a crap shoot. Chalk it up to another example of the Brittain/Trahan duo’s philosophy of “when confronted with resistance, lie, lie, lie.”

TinyGrab Screen Shot 1-16-13 10.59.45 PM

Another great take away from today was Brittain claiming that he was no racist as his YouTube comments would show. However with a little research (google) and no need for luck I found a couple of examples of Brittain’s further disassociation from the truth:

Here we have the denial.

TinyGrab Screen Shot 1-16-13 10.55.05 PM

Then we have the truth.

TinyGrab Screen Shot 1-16-13 10.47.43 PM

TinyGrab Screen Shot 1-16-13 10.48.13 PM

Of course we also have Steam profiles linked to Brittain’s IP address.


Brittain of course will find reasons to act racist but not actually be racist. Probably he will use the usual excuses of youth or misanthropy. Just as Brittain always blames his bad behavior on anything that he thinks will stick. An arrest for evading a police officer and driving away with the officer attached to his car? Panic attack. Blatant, repeated racism? He likes to make people upset. Creating a revenge porn website? He couldn’t find a job. Life must be quite convient for a person who lacks all personal responsibility. It can’t hurt when you have a blind follower who doesn’t even realize he’s being ruined by supporting you.

So as always we are left with Craig Brittain denying any wrong doing and lying through the teeth as he does so. For a man of such small stature he sure contains a lot of bile.

Chance Trahan Is Socially Incompetent

TinyGrab Screen Shot 1-14-13 10.30.32 PM


So Chance Trahan, a cohort of Craig Brittain’s is accusing people online of causing him to lose his job. Unfortunately for him the person who decided not to retain his service dropped a sledgehammer on that argument. “He asked to help and after a few emails we realized he was incompetent. Socially as well.” That stings. The acting irrationally part doesn’t really jump out on the highlight reel as a bright spot either. What scum bags need to realize is that whenever they blindly make baseless accusations, good people have a way of uncovering the truth. Often the truth happens to be embarrassing to the villain, happily so in my mind.

Censors aren’t always the people in power, time and time again small people try to quiet others through any means possible. Brittain and Trahan are no different as they displayed recently in the comment section of an article about them. A moderator cleaned it up some, but if you look at the link filled posts of the two schmucks imagine about a hundred more attempting to drown out all conversation. It’s also quite ironic that people who claim to want free and open expression are very much against anyone’s opinion being voiced about them. Of course maybe chastising someone for publishing unwilling victim’s nude pictures is somehow worse than publishing unwilling victim’s nude pictures in Mr. Trahan’s world.

Wether Trahan was a full contributor or minor player in the formation of Craig Brittain’s endeavors, he now sits squarely in his master’s yard. Loyalty is an admirable quality in a dog, however a person must first ask is his loyalty being misused? I do not fault the dog who protects his master with his teeth, if that is what Mr. Trahan wishes to be then as a dog I would not fault him. Men stand up for what is right and against what is wrong, they do not follow blindly but with the full truth of their actions. As a man then, I must despise Mr. Trahan, because the full truth of his support is a disgusting affirmation of Mr. Brittain’s cowardly venture.


Christopher Dietz, because you can’t spell Dietz without ditz.

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” – Abraham Lincoln. If people would just listen to President Lincoln, they could avoid a lot of embarrassing situations.

Take Christopher Dietz of Dietz Development for instance, he must have been very upset about a review on Yelp so he sued the reviewer and made sure hundreds of thousands of people saw it. It’s one thing to take a licking in private, but it’s entirely another thing for your disgrace to go national news. Already picked up by CNBC, Forbes, Ars Technica, Politico, etc. Dietz has inadvertently triggered what we on the internet call “The Streisand Effect.” The Streisand Effect is named after Barbra Streisand who in the process of trying to get photos of her house off the internet (which had a total of 4 or 5 views beforehand) alerted the general public that those photos were available and suddenly they were viewed millions of times.

Now we have Dietz, who was so unhappy with a review in which Jane Perez said he put her doors on crooked and might have accessed her home inappropriately, that he had to sue her for $750,000. It’s the classic case of a censor trying to make a defendant fold with a sum so large you’d have to be crazy to litigate. What censors don’t realize is that there is another condition other than mental insanity that would make a person fight back, it’s called passion. Passion for what is right, passion for justice, passion for our Constitutional rights. When you pit a person who has served our country in the military (Jane Perez) against a bully and a censor, I know whose side I am going to choose 10 out of 10 times. w

Anyone who uses Yelp knows that you have to take individual bad reviews lightly. Business owners should know that encouraging happy clients to leave positive feedback is the best way to combat negative reviews. Once I left a scathing review of a local business and the manager contacted me personally to assure me the experience was not typical and that if I gave them a second chance I’d see that, which I did, and I promptly updated my review to express my new opinion. What Dietz has effectively done is spread the word about his bad review, not worked to deliver positive impressions to combat the negative, and told all future clients that if they aren’t happy with his work, he’ll just sue them. That is not how you repair your reputation.

Jane Perez now faces an uncertain legal and financial future because she wanted to share her opinion of a contractor on Yelp. Unyielding to the staggering sum she is being sued for, Perez has found legal assistance in the ACLU and Public Citizen with star attorney Paul Levy helping her cause. Even if and when she prevails she can be assured substantial legal costs, for that reason she has setup an Indiegogo fundraiser to help offset these burdens. I have already kicked in, I hope you will to, lets send a message to bullies that our opinions aren’t fodder for their legal escapades. Let’s remind Dietz that sometimes as Lincoln said, it’s best to just roll with the punches.