To those who want to double down.

I was reading a post on the GOP in California and reflecting on what I’ve seen since the election on various conservative blogs and news sites. It is a warning to the rest of the nation’s conservatives. A lesson which the GOP has yet to learn and needs to learn now. People have been saying that they need to double down on the conservatism, fiscally I agree. However the problems alienating Americans from the GOP have nothing to do with fiscal issues, as Tuesday proved. People are concerned about their jobs, the economy, and the debt we are incurring. However they are still concerned about their and their loved ones’ pursuit of happiness. This includes things like the freedom of religion and freedom to make our own social decisions. The California Republican Party doubled down in the 90’s and is now near extinct. They took the land of Reagan and turned it into the land of Clinton and now the land of Obama.

Conservatives need to stop trying to take away the other half of the country’s liberties and start preaching a message of fiscal responsibility. This doesn’t mean conservatives abandon their social values, it means they recognize other people have different values and they don’t need to bring government in on people’s private lives. For a party that claims to be against big government they really want to regulate people’s actual lives.

Let me put it more bluntly. Either you believe the government should outlaw all things you personally find immoral, or not. Creating government regulation based on what people can do with their own bodies or in their own private lives is the ultimate creation of the Nanny State. Does the government decide what you can do in every aspect of your life or not? We cannot deplore the government’s regulation of business, insurance, and entitlement system, while begging that same government to regulate the very way people live their lives.

Once we can unite our nation on the premise that liberty was granted to all of us through our Constitution, then we can solve the big problems like $16,000,000,000,000 in debt.

Update:  Also talk about a coming race war is probably not going to win elections.


3 Comments on “To those who want to double down.”

  1. I found your blog through read a comment you posted elsewhere. I wanted to thank you for your reasoned approach to political conversation. I don’t know that we would always vote the same, but I am pretty sure we could always find common ground and ways to listen to one another about our differences. Please keep writing!

  2. Whoa – feel this need to apologize for the lack of editing above – I was interrupted by one of my children and really should have re-read the whole post before sending. The sentiments, though not the grammar, are correct.

  3. cjrec says:

    Carole, thank you for the comment. I believe any GOP candidate could run on a platform more similar to the Libertarian Party’s stance and win. Fiscally they don’t have to change, socially they just need to say “While my own personal beliefs are [whatever] I believe each adult in this country needs to make their own moral decisions for themselves.”

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