Abandon all hope, ye who send nude pics.

So I have been following a small internet skirmish over a porn website that uses pictures of people without their consent. This happens from time to time, but what distinguishes these clowns from the rest is the fact that they put up the victim’s personal information like phone number and workplace. It’s called revenge porn, usually motivated by an unhappy ex-lover. Terrible yes, but even then it might be expected or mundane compared to some of today’s internet culture.

Further distinguishing themselves as feces posing as human beings, they seek out these women via Craigslist and Facebook using fake profiles and often times targeting women who are looking for other women. The beauty of this scheme is that online women are more trusting of other women, hence their success in obtaining nude photographs posing as potential romantic (or casual sexual) encounters. This is different than a boyfriend or girlfriend posting pictures of an ex because it’s no longer a user generated affair it’s fully under the helm of the people running the site. This removes all sorts of legal protections given to upload services like Flikr, Youtube, Instagram, Dropbox etc.

Sadly they don’t stop there. Takedown requests via email by the victims of their crimes start to flood in. It turns out when you post someone’s phone number with their nude pictures, perverts call them. What do the site administrators do? They ridicule the victims. They tell them crazy things like “you would have to get a business license and patent your pictures” in order for them to be taken down. That’s mind boggling as copyright protects pictures and patents protect ideas/inventions. The owner of the site suddenly gets an idea and begins advertising on his site Takedown Lawyer David Blade III. The idea is that if you pay this lawyer $250 he’ll get your pictures down. For some, that obviously seems like a unfortunate but reasonable expense. I know if my daughters pictures were on that site I’d pay the $250 before anyone else could see them.

Like every bad horror movie though, there’s a twist at the end. David Blade III never existed, his domain was on the same servers of the porn site, and his emails came from the same IP address as the porn site owner. This weasel decided to appropriate young girls pictures, post them online with contact information, ridicule them, and then con them out of money. He impersonated a lawyer which is a felony and the beauty of this? He never got a single legitimate advertiser on the site, so his whole business model was fraudulent.

So take a bow Craig Brittain and Chance Trahan, you two are filth.


One Comment on “Abandon all hope, ye who send nude pics.”

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